The Furious: An ambitious action movie with Asian action stars

Good news for martial arts action fans. Producer of films such as “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” (2000),"Hero” (2002), and “Fearless” (2006), William Kuhn, unites Kenji Tanigaki (Fist of Legend, SPL Stars of Destiny, Hot Spot) for a new project that is set to reboot Hong Kong martial arts cinema.

The Furious: an action movie that reboots Hong Kong action. It stars Jija Yanin, Yayan Ruhyan, Joe Taslim, and Xie Miao.

Ambition for the filmThe Furious” (for now we’ll leave the Russian version of “Furious” to work) adds its cast, which consists of well-established Asian action stars:

  • Xie Miao: “The Legend of the Red Dragon” (1994), “Secret Agent” (1995), “Ip Man: Awakening” (2021);
  • Joe Taslim: “Raid” (2011), “The Night Follows Us” (2018), series “Warrior” (2019-2023), “Sword Master” (2020), “Mortal Kombat” (2021);
  • Gija Yanin: “Chocolate” (2008), “Phoenix Raging” (2009), “Honor of the Dragon 2” (2013), “Never Back Down 3” (2016), “Triple Threat” (2018);
  • Yayan Ruhian: “Merantau” (2009), series “Strike Back” (2010-2020), “Raid” (2011), “Raid 2” (2014), “Skyline 2” (2016), “John Wick 3” (2019) ;

Impressive? Must. Edko Films finances and produces the film, and XYZ Films – manages global sales (excluding China, Hong Kong and Macau).

The main role went to Miao. He plays a simple merchant named Kongu. When his daughter is kidnapped off the street, he fights his way through a complex network of criminals in a desperate attempt to get her back by any means necessary. His only ally is the tireless journalist Naveen (Tasleem). Two men from vastly different backgrounds must learn to trust, cooperate, and use fighting skills from their hidden pasts.

“I'm going to star in an action movie that will shock the world. And to prove that Hong Kong still has something to give to the film industry. I want to show that Asians can still make action films that are better than the rest of the world. I want us to discover a new Yuen Woo-ping, a new Sammo Hung and a new Donnie Yen through this film.”

— William Kuhn told Variety

Sounds like Sammo Hong's response to his pessimism about the future of Hong Kong cinema in the last interview.

“I'm not interested in making actors who can't move look like they can. Our cast has real skills in various martial arts disciplines. Everything we do will be practical"

- added Kenji Tanigaki

Production on the action film, which will be in English, began earlier this week in Bangkok, Thailand.

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    teams up with director Kenji Tanigaki, who directed Fist of Legend (1994), SPL Stars of Destiny (2005) and Hot Spot (2007)

    Fist of Legend was directed by Gordon Chan, and Stars of Destiny and Flashpoint by Wilson Yip.
    And Kenji Tanigaki starred in these films, not directed them.

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      Corrected. Thank you.

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    I am waiting. I hope there will be something exciting.

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