Trailers: “Killer Game” with Batista and “Legend” with Jackie Chan

Two trailers for action games with big names, expected by many fans, have appeared. First - "Killer's GameJJ Perry with a whole bunch of action stars, the second one is “Legend“, which is a sequel to “Myth” with Jackie Chan.

“The Killer's Game”

It is not surprising that with such a cast and director, many were waiting to see the first shots of this action film. “Killer gameJ. J. Perry – another action film in the collection Dave Bautista, which has not lost popularity in recent years, or even increased it. But “our brother” is no longer interested in the main actor, but in the entire cast they are part of: the already familiar duet Scott Adkins и Marco Zarora; Daniel Bernhardt, which is now on a new takeoff; star “ExpendablesTerry Crews; heroine “Jade” Shayna West; Lee Jae-hoon of announced “Escape”; Sofia Boutella (Kingsman) and Pom Klementieff, who, judging by the trailer, did not get the last role in the film. Ben Kingsley in this cast he is the most experienced actor.

"The Killer's Game"

The plot of the film is based on the novel of the same name Jay Bonansinga, adapted it Rand Ravih and Simon Kinberg:

An experienced killer, Joe Flood, learns that he is terminally ill and orders his own murder to avoid suffering. After ordering a hit, he discovers he has been misdiagnosed and is forced to fight off an army of former colleagues.

Lionsgate promises a premiere on September 13, 2024.

“A Legend”, or “Myth 2”

Attentive fans Jackie Chan rightly note that “Legend” – this is no longer the second part of “Myth” of 2005. “Armor of God: In Search of Treasure” (with "Kung Fu Yoga“, which is closer to the original) 2017, can be considered the first sequel, but for some reason most announcements mark the 2024 sequel as “Myth 2”, maybe it’s closer to the original... but these are subtleties, it’s important that the same man remains at the helm Stanley Toon, and the main role is played by the legendary Jackie Chan. Played with him: Bekstiyar Gulnezer, Zhang Yixing, Aarif Lee, Li Chen, Kim Hee-sung, Max Huang, Sean Dou, and others…

"Legend" (A Legend), or "Myth 2" with Jackie Chan

Professor Chen, an expert in archeology, discovers that the artifact found by student Wang Jing has a texture strikingly similar to the jade pendant known from Meng Yun's dreams. He believes that these two items must have some connection. In search of answers and solving the mystery, a new expedition sets off on an amazing adventure aimed at discovering a mysterious ice temple.

The release will take place in China on July 12, 2024.

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    The killer's game is intriguing!

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    I confused Batista with Igor Zhizhikin from a running start

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      There are similarities.))

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